In the district of Mersin, Tarsus, the installation of a 150 kWe roof system as well as 300 kWe outdoor installation by the company CW Enerji was accomplished.

With the use of 630 pcs. On roof, as well as 1260 pieces. CWT270-60P solar modules on open field, also 4 pcs. At the roof project and 8 pcs. On open field, a total of 12 pcs. HUAWEI SUN2000-36KTL used.

Completion and delivery of the solar power plant took place on 8 January 2018 within 12 days. With the simultaneous implementation of both plants, CW Enerji was active both as a supplier of solar modules, as well as in the engineering sector.

The completed solar power plant, with its 450 kWe capacity, is able to meet the annual energy needs of 394 households as well as reduce the emission rate on average by more than 523.35 tons of CO2, 1.575 tons of SO2 and 0.585 tons of NOX gases per year.

The solar power plant of 450kWe requires an energy production of 2,167 kWp per day and 790,965 kWp per year.

The repayment of the solar system is planned by the investor within 6 years. In addition, additional produced values ​​may be sold to the local power supply for an amount of $ 0.133 / kWh.