Elmalı 500 Kapak

In the district of Elmali, Antalya, was carried out by the company CW Enerji, the installation of a solar roof system with 500kWp.

The solar power plant, was with 2000 pcs. CWT250-60P solar modules, which are produced by the company CW Enerji itself, also with 16 + 1 pcs. TRIO 27,6-TL-OUTD-S2X-406-ABB and TRIO 20,0-TL-OUTD brand ABB inverters mounted.

The temporary approval of the plant took place on July 21, 2015, with completion of the assembly within 15 days.

CW Enerji was active both as a supplier of solar modules and in the engineering sector of the EPC project (Engineering Procurement Construction).

The installed solar system, with its 500kWp capacity, is able to meet the annual energy needs of 437 households as well as reduce the emission rate on average by more than 581.5 tons of CO2, 1.75 tons of SO2 and 0.65 tons of NOX gases per year.

The plant is depreciated by the investor within years, in addition, additionally produced electricity can be sold to the local electricity supplier at a value of 0.133 USD / kWh.