CW Enerji has completed the installation of a 15,830.64 kWp land type solar power plant in Kovancılar district of Elazig.

With this power plant, electricity of an average of 13,1250 households can be met annually with renewable energy, and 17,445 tons of CO2, 52.5 tons of SO2 and 19.5 tons of NOx gas emissions can be reduced annually. It is planned to produce an average of 67.22 kWp per day and an average of 24,537,492 kWp per year in the SPP with a power of 15,830.64 kWp. The solar power plant is expected to pay for itself in an average of 6 years. In addition, it will be able to generate $13.3/cent for each surplus KW from the electricity generated at the solar power plant.