Solar Powered Camera Systems and Signages

Solar solutions provide reliable and affordable electricity wherever it is required and are thus essential for crucial appliances for security such as CCTV and other camera systems and signages. Particularly for public surveillance or accident prevention on motorways, in areas without access to electric grids, Solar Powered Camera Solutions and Signages are the most reliable, easy and cost-effective solution.

Led Lighting Systems

Today, as fossil fuels run out and the global climate weight is badly damaged, energy savings as a strategic initiative become essential. However, illumination systems, which are currently used throughout the world, consume too much but our LED lighting systems can make significant savings and provide additional ecological benefits making their use anywhere on the world a “must”. At CW Enerji we offer LED lighting systems powered by solar energy and / or through public power supply.

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar powered irrigation systems offer low-cost, durable and ecological solutions, especially in areas without access to public power supply. The water pump powered by solar energy can pump water out of a depth of up to 300m. Unlike generator-based systems, solar powered irrigation systems do not cause any operational cost such as refueling or maintenance. With our solar irrigation packages, we offer practical and quick solutions for all kinds of water supply according to your needs

Off-Grid Solutions

Solar Off – Grid Solutions are not connected to national grid and generate the required energy from the sun. Excess energy which is not consumed instantaneously, is stored in a battery-bank for usage during periods of low sun irradiation. Consequently, it is crucial to design and install solar off-grid solutions professionally, for which the power consumption of each device has to be analyzed well. Alternatively, generators can be integrated into our Solar Off-Grid Solutions assuring the most cost efficient, clean, affordable and continuous power supply independent of the national grid, to refinance the investment within short time.

On-Grid Solutions

Solar On-Grid Solutions are connected and synchronized to the national grid. Consequently, generated solar energy can only be used if it is consumed immediately. If more energy is generated than consumed, the excess will be sold to national grid (Depending on your country’s guidelines). On the contrary, if more energy is consumed than simultaneously generated, the balance is obtained from national grid. Using a bidirectional electricity meter, both the energy sold as well as balance electricity obtained from national grid will be registered. Consequently, everyone who uses electricity can save significantly on their electricity bills with our On-Grid Solutions.

Technical Service and Maintenance Agreement

We offer favorable maintenance contracts for 5 or 10 years with reasonable price options.


We stand by you, our valued customers, until the turnkey execution of all mechanical electrical (DC-AC-AG-OG) works and the commissioning of the relevant facility.

Application and Follow-up counseling

Please note that we are able to manufacture our products according to your specific requirements. However, if you apply for a solar project, this is how we can support you:

  • Preparation of the technical data and details of the project,
  • Technical project drawings,
  • Analysis of the chosen location and its qualification,
  • Solar panel production according to our own or project specific standards,
  • Application3,
  • Follow-up,
  • In the event of acceptance of your application we assist you to answer all questions related to the solution,
  • Advice during all processes.


For midsize and large projects, we will support you not only with the supply of products and installation, but also with the financing. Depending of the size of your project, we offer credits with low interest rates, supported by the state and based on agreements with selected banks. Also, we as CW Enerji can offer the financing of your project.

Project Preparation

According to the disclosures received from the plot analysis and planning, our next task is to prepare the project. Hereby, the following points are crucial: static structure, stability, conditions of the chosen territory, wind resistance of the fastening system, snow load, etc. Based on the disclosures, we would then choose adequate products and optimize the project with the help of an internationally renowned solar simulation software. Eventually, we will prepare a report presenting an analysis of the predicted power generation in the next 25 years, financial analysis, recovery tables and more.


With our team of experts, we go through our projects in all details and offer our customers the most effective solution both from a commercial and a social view.


A good exploration is the fundamental condition for proper planning and a successful project implementation. With our team of experts, we analyze all conditions of the project location and offer you an extensive analysis (scouting report) covering all important factors and highlighting those who need a revision. For the latter, we – as CW – Enerji are always available for our customers and willing to support you on this matter as well. When the preconditions for the project are set up at the chosen location, we can begin with the project and its implementations.


Feel free to contact us for all products which are necessary for the implementation of your solar project, irrespectively of the size. Gladly, we would not only advise you to purchase the right products, but also support you until completion of your project, thus creating financially favorable projects with maximum efficiency.


We only manufacture and offer solar modules, inverters, installation systems and all other products with high quality standards, we have integrated into our structure. Contact us today and experience the “CW Enerji Difference” to produce more energy while enjoying products with longer lifetime.


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