CW Enerji has completed the installation of a land type solar power plant with a power of 1252.35 kWp in Kula district of Manisa province in accordance with the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Production in the Electricity Market dated 02.10.2013 and numbered 28783.

The completed project, with its 1252.35 kWp capacity installation, will be able to supply the electricity of an average of 1095 households annually with renewable energy and will support the reduction of annual average 1456 tons of CO2, 4.3 tons of SO2 and 1.6 tons of NOx gas emissions. It is planned to produce an average of 5,316,712 kWp electricity per day and an average of 1,940,600 kWp per year in the 1252.35 kWp solar power plant.


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