Our services

Our services


Solar modules, inverters, installation systems and all other products with high quality standarts, we have integrated into our structure. You will experience with CW Enerji the difference to produce more energy and to use products with longer lifetime.


For all products  which are necessary for the implementation of the project, you can contact us. With a wide product range , we offer a wide selection  and of course we gladly advise you. We advise you not only by buying the products, also by the completion of your project. The result is a financially  favorable project with maximum efficiency. By using diverse products you will experience  our difference


A good exploration is the basic condition for good planning and a successful project. With our team of experts, we first analyze all conditions of the land  of the project and offer then the customer an extensive analysis (scouting report). In this report we refer to all themes that are suitable for the application and also to those who need a revision. For the latter, we – as CW Enerji are always available for our customers. When the preconditions are created for the project on the application area, we begin with the project and its implementations.


With our team of experts we go through our projects in all details and offer our customers both from a commercial and a social view the most effective solution.

Project Preparation

According to the disclosures recieved from the plot analysis and planning our next task now is to prepare the project.Here the following points are crucial; static structural, resistance, conditions of the application territory, wind resistance of the fastening system, snow load. The selection of products would follow according the disclosures. With the help of a program that can calculate the radiation level, and known in each region at international level, we will prepare a report. Here we present an analysis of power generation for 25 years, financial analysis, recovery tables and more.


In midsize and large projects, we support you both with the supply of products and installation, as with the financing. Depending of the size of your project, we offer credits with low interest rates, supported by the state and agrements with the banks. Also we as CW Enerji can offer the financing of your project.

Application anf Follow-up counseling

Production of licensed and unlicensed projects;

  • Preparation of the technical data and the correct details of the project
  • Technical project drawing
  • Analysis of the current ground and their qualification or establishment of the earthing system.
  • Revision of the panels after rules  or panel production corresponding the system
  • Application and follow-up
  • We assist you in the event of acceptance of your application and answer all questions  related to the system
  • Advice for all processes


Security Systems

In your PV Project it is important to pay attention to the following details:

  • The project area should be surrounded by a wire fence
  • Establishment of a camera surveillance system
  •  Isolation of DC an AC cable connection points
  •  Keeping away wild animals from the system
  • If necessary use of pesticides

Technical Service and Maintenance Agreement

We offer favorable maintenance contracts for 5 or 10 years with reasonable price options.

On-Grid Systems

These are applications that are synchronized to the network. Due to this fact the energy obtained from the sun will only be used in the case of electricity consumption.  If there is no consumption or the produced energy is more than the used energy, this part of the energy will be assigned to the network ( with the guarantee of the state). Using a bidirectional counter, both the energy consumed by the network as well as the energy transmitted to the network will be held. So no Wp is consumed pointless. Everyone who has an electricity meter can make savings with this system.

Off – Grid Systems

Direct energy from the sun, but it is not connected to the network. The energy produced is stored in batteries and removed as needed from these batteries. Here it is important to take the system professional on hand. The power consumption of the devices must be analyzed well. The power failure may be prevented by the prolongation of backup time (especially in cloudy days). Compared to generators,this system provides good results (profitable) and pays itself in a short time

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Especially in areas where there is no network connection, these irrigation systems offer low-cost, durable and ecological solutions. The water pump powered by solar energy can pump up to 300 m deep in water. This system contains compared to the generator no additional costs (such as maintenance). The purchase of the system itself is the only investment.

With our package irrigation systems we offer practical and quickly solutions for all kinds of water supply according to your needs.

Led Lighting Systems

Today, when fossil fuels run out and the global climate weight is badly damaged, savings as a strategic initiative are essential.

Lighting, here savings can be made ​​very intensive. Lighting products, which are currently being used throughout the world, are not satisfactory concerning savings. The LED lighting systems can make significant savings and by their ecological structure the use  anywhere on the world is a “must”. Although the use of the system is very intense, satisfactory results are not yet visible.

As CW Enerji we support you with the delivery of products for LED lighting systems using solar energy and / or through the network.

Solar Powered Camera Systems and Signages

The photovoltaic solar energy provides practical and affordable solutions concerning the solar-powered camera systems and signages. Particularly on motorways, where it is troublesome to draw power cables, this system is easy and fast to use.